Battery Storage Above 500kWh

Mc Energy® designs and builds battery energy storage systems with a storage capacity >500kWh. These integrated systems are suitable for grid connections larger than 500kW and can handle a maximized storage capacity of 2640kWh.


Each Mc Energy® energy storage system is controlled by a GridConn unit. Depending on the selected grid connection power (500kW or 1000kW) a limited storage capacity is integrated in the GridConn unit itself.

Energy management system

The energy management system (EMS) controls the incoming and outgoing energy flows and is by default integrated in the GridConn unit.

Input voltage and net frequency

The GridConn unit is standard designed with a wide range of input voltage options: 3~ 380V..480V and is suitable for us on 50Hz as well as 60Hz grid networks.

Voltage drop compensation

The system is equipped with a voltage drop compensation controller. This prevents voltage drops exceeding allowed limitations over long cable distances

Environmental conditions

The containerized energy storage system is suitable for rough environments. The protection degree is IP54 (equivalent to NEMA3) and the system operates at an ambient temperature between -20degr. Celsius and +40degr. Celsius.


The system can be operated manually by using a touch screen (HMI). Remote operation is possible, too, by using the 4G dial-in module.

Modular construction

The system is scalable and suitable for modular deployment. Every GridConn connects one or more battery packs (BattPacks). Depending on the GridConn type a maximum of 8 BattPacks are connectable.

Hot swappable

It is possible to increase or decrease the available storage capacity depending on the need. This is possible without switching of the GridConn unit meaning a hot swappable energy storage scalability.