Festivals & Events

Organizing a festival, fair or local event can result in a heavy demand on the grid connection. In these present times the exhaust of carbon dioxides, nitrogen and fine dust get negative attention. Mc Energy® offers a powerful but environmental friendly solution by providing a battery energy storage system. The system is maintenance free, scalable, exhaust free and is rentable for short, mid term or long term periods. Of course it is also possible to buy the desired system.

Is the planned location missing the right grid connection? Mc Energy® systems come by default with an island mode functionality. Do you need more storage capacity? The convenient plug-and-play connection allows a very quick upscalable energy storage capacity.

Should connection to an existing solar farm be mandatory? No problem, because the Mc Energy storage solution allows an intelligent connection to the different available power sources and users.

Implementing peak shaving functionality in our energy storage solutions allows to absorb temporary load peaks without the need to permanently increase the grid connection and substantially reduces the costs.