Grids & Utilities

The currently changing usage of our energy grid results in an increasing load. Some examples of these changes are the connections of solar farms, wind turbine parks and tidal wave energy generation systems. Not only the power sources change but also the changing user side has its impact. The increasing loads during specific moments on the day like charging electrical vehicles requires a strong grid network. Last, but not least the decentralized energy generation by house owners and their roof top installed PV installations cause peaks on the grid.

All these different factors may cause swings in the energy need and availability of energy. Investments in the grid network are inevitable. In order to play a substantial role in this changing world Mc Energy® offers high-end, scalable and safer-than-safe storage solutions for centralized and decentralized applications.

By installing an energy storage solution next to a grid network substation (which may be directly coupled to the MV side of the distribution transformer) peak requirements from the user side can be supplied directly from the energy storage system instead of putting an extra heavy burden on the grid.

Obviously, this is also possible on street or neighbourhood levels where the energy storage system is applied on a local level to limit the swings in energy use cause by EV chargers.