In a decentralizing overloaded electricity network we notice a growing need for flexible energy storage. Mc Energy® offers this capacity in a flexible form, making it cheaper for all types of customers, both nationally and internationally, to rent this capacity.

The battery packs from Mc Energy® can also be rented for the short term. Fully sustainable and reliable. Without emissions or environmental risk.

Mc Energy®’s rental fleet managed by Mc Energy® Rental BV consists of different models in terms of storage capacity. It is also possible to rent and add additional capacity if needed.

Installing and connecting the system is easy and absolutely plug-and-play. The battery packs (with a storage capacity of 330kWh per 20ft container) are hot-pluggable. This means there is no need for a full system shut down when connecting or removing a battery unit.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the availability of rental solutions and its possibilities!