Mc Energy® is specialized in the design and production of high end energy storage solutions.

By founding Mc Energy® the goal was clear: bringing the energy transition up to speed. By developing a revolutionary new solution for extremely safe battery energy storage Mc Energy® aims at the current industrial wide approach to reduce carbon dioxide exhausts and thus playing an important role in climate change consequences.

Mc Energy® is based in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, just outside the city range of the metropolitan area of Rotterdam. The location is strategically chosen having borderless access to the harbour of Rotterdam and the surrounding highways.

Mc Energy® focusses on the energy transition market and beyond. The next two decades will be extremely important to reach the internationally set climate goals and energy storage will be one of the succes defining factors in this transitional phase. After the transitional phase new goals will be set and Mc Energy® will again be part of the solution to reach those goals in the most effective and efficient way.

The high end in house developed and produced products and proudly labeled with “Made in The Netherlands” guarantee a faultless and reliable operation for many years to come. The battery energy storage solutions are available for indoor, existing buildings or outdoor in a containerized application. Moreover, the systems are scalable far into the MWs. But, smaller solutions for compact installations are available too through one of our selected business partners.

Mission statement
Mc Energy®’s mission is designing and building high-end quality energy storage systems that contribute to an improved living environment without minimizing the availability of electricity. Mc Energy® supports the energy transition without exhausting greenhouse gases or fine dust. The energy transition deserves safe and reliable energy storage systems.

Energy Storage is
in our DNA