Mc Energy® designs and produces high end reliable energy storage systems.

The battery energy storage system works through the so-called GridConn. This GridConn forms the heart of the system and determines whether the connected battery storage units should charge or discharge (this can be operated by using timers). Next to this the GridConn forms the intelligent connection to the storage units and acts as Energy Management System (EMS) to the grid. Every battery storage unit has its own DC/DC converter and this allows the GridConn to manage each connected battery storage unit (hereafter called BattPack) independently. This is a fully controlled plug-and-play solution which allows hot-plugged adding and removing of operational BattPacks.

All BattPacks are equipped with the revolutionary new NiMH batteries. These batteries are safer than safe, compared to the commonly used Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are designed with a high energy density and more than suitable for energy storage applications. The Mc Energy® systems come in two different models: a 1620kWh, connected to a GridConn500 and a 2880kWh connected to a GridConn1000. As already explained this system is fully scalable and you are obviously free to use lower energy capacities.