Sustainable Energy

The fast developing market caused by the energy transition many issues evolve around the efficient and safe way of storing energy. The various possibilities of generating energy ask in most cases for customized solutions. Mc Energy® provides a reliable, scalable, safe and easy to connect battery energy storage system suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Indepedent of the type of energy generation meaning a PV installation, wind turbines, geo thermical installation or tidal wave installation the Mc Energy® systems is universally applicable.

The often missing reliable expectated amount of generated energy over a period of time make an energy storage system almost indispensable. By storing energy peak demands are absorbed and swings in the amount of generated energy are prevented avoiding extra burden of the grid.

When an installation without a fixed grid connection is planned it is still possible to provide the generated energy to the users without heavy swings in the supply. The Mc Energy® storage solution is standard equipped with island mode features.