Peak Shaving


Mc Energy® provides high end reliable and safer than safe energy storage solutions with peak shaving capabilities.

Especially in cases where the grid connection to the customer’s facility is limited in terms of kW but the demand from the customer’s side varies during the day and sometimes exceeds this limit a peak shaving solution may safe a lot of money.

Here is how it works:

The production site of the customer has a 125kW connection to the grid. The average daily use of this site is approximately 95kW. But, in case the additional production chain is energized to increase the production capacity the use of electricity rises up to 120kW. When heavy equipment like welding machines or cranes are in operation this results in a requirement of 180kW and thus exceeding the available 125kW. The consequences are experiencing problems during the production process.

So, basically the customer has the option to increase his grid connection up to 250kW or he can install a peak shaving system that allows short term extra power during a specific amount of time providing an additional amount of power up to approximately 200kW.

Obviously, comparing the recurring monthly costs for an oversized grid connection and the procurement of a peak shaving system makes this decision quite easy. The investment for this peak shaving system is only once and tailored to the situation. The upgrade to an oversized grid connection is wasting money every hour there is no need for it.

At Mc Energy® we are ready to support you with these kind of issues and we can offer a reliable, safer than safe and cost effective peak shaving solution. Feel free to contact us!