By installing an energy storage sytem any industrial organization may benefit from the advantage to eliminate temporary peak moments in energy usage. Where normally a larger grid connection would be mandatory even when the energy peak need is only for a very short moment an energy storage system would prevent this requirement. This substantially reduces the costs over time.

An energy storage solution is also very useful in case of an existing PV installation producing more energy than used over the day. The energy storage solution then acts as a buffering system storing the unused generated energy for later during more than average demands like upscaling production capacity or the temporary extra use of additional production equipment.

Is there a requirement for a no break system? Mc Energy® offers powerful and reliable solutions. Depending on the amount of no break power the energy storage system can perform as a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source) system.

Last but not least the energy storage system offers the possibility of charging electrical vehicles. Connecting EV chargers for the parking lot becomes very interesting in combination with an existing PV installation.