Data Centers

Energy distribution is one of the most critical operational requirements for datacenters. This means that any datacenter requires a guaranteed, flawless and reliable energy connection including emergency power facilities that are able to restore power during a power outage.

Mc Energy® offers various possibilities in terms of energy storage to limit the chance to downtime and can act as an addition to the existing emergency power systems. Storing energy during a limited need for power or when the kWh price is low may result in a cost reduction when prices go up.

Another interesting feature is peak shaving. This allows the user to flatten the peaks of energy use by importing energy from the energy storage system. This relieves the datacenter from the need to increase its connection to the grid permanently although the requierement for more power is only temporarily and results in a cost reduction, too.

Is the datacenter equipped with its own solar farm? Use in that case Mc Energy® system as an energy hub. The GridConn unit intelligently connects the available sources of energy like solar power or grid power to the energy users like the datacenter itself or the EV chargers on the parking lot.

Are you looking for an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) functionality? Mc Energy® offers a reliable and simple solution. Using two GridConn units in parallel provides the datacenter with a UPS option.

Mc Energy® supplies also additional options to the energy storage solution. We can offer the distribution transformer (dry type or oil immersed), LV energy distribution panels and measuring systems for energy generation and distribution.